4 Simple Yet Fun Things worth Doing during the Lockdown

The pandemic has forced people to spend long hours indoors. That sucks and can be very boring. Everyone wishes they could have something fun to do to kill the boredom. Unfortunately, most activities often are too complex, expensive or too stressful. Thankfully, after reading this article, you will have an idea of simple things you can do and totally enjoy yourself while at it. Here are 4 simple things anyone should do;

  1. Try Cooking a New Recipe

Many people love eating exquisite foods without realizing they can make the same foods right in their kitchens. Cooking demands time, and now is the perfect opportunity to try out a new recipe. Imagine that delicacy you love ordering from your favorite restaurant, being made by you. Even if it doesn’t turn out exactly as it looks in cook books or burns badly, trust me, you’ll still have so much fun doing it. There are countless recipes worth trying. Just Google and knock yourself out.

2. Read Engaging Books

It is said that if you want to transform your life read great books. A good book has the ability to make time fly. Diving into a book makes one’s imagination float as they get engrossed in the story line and momentarily forget they are under lockdown. Many make New Year resolutions to read more but keep procrastinating, thankfully now one can make realize their ambition to read more. Reading demands sacrifice and discipline. It is crucial to keep away from social media and direct the focus on books. It is absolutely rewarding, try it.

3. Enroll for a Short Online Course

After the pandemic is over, there will be people who utilized the lockdown to learn something new and those who will be regretting for they wasted it by doing unbeneficial things. Learning new skills is what will keep one ahead of the pack. There are many short courses online one can take and improve their portfolio. Most of these short courses are affordable and there are even some that are free. For example you can learn programming, drawing, painting, and all sorts of courses. Now is the best time to do that.

4. Learn a Musical Instrument

Almost everyone loves music. It is one of the greatest gifts given to humanity. What is even more enjoyable is the ability to make music. Many people wrongly think to play a musical instrument you must have talent. But according to psychologists, anyone can learn any instrument if they put their mind to it. A month is enough for to learn the basics of any musical instrument. The Lockdown is the perfect time for this. YouTube is the best site to begin for anyone willing to learn an instrument.

The above list is not exhaustive, there are countless things one could do. However, these 4 things are among the simplest and most fun things anyone can do. The best part is, they sharpen one’s life skills. Go on and get started! 

What other fun simple things do you think a person could do? Please leave a comment on what you think.

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