How to Start Travelling the World Like A Boss (Even If You Don’t Have Money)

Pack your bags; we are going on a trip. If you heard this statement, you would be on top of the moon with joy and excitement. Chances are, you would not even sleep just thinking about your upcoming adventure. If only it were that easy.

The truth is, travelling is not a simple bag packing and setting off endeavor. Travelling requires forethought and good planning.

Not only that but travelling the world also needs money to facilitate your moving around and pay for food and accommodation.

Considering how much travelling is good for your soul, yet money is not easy to come by, what should you do?

Do not worry; this article was created for someone just like you.

Although travel needs money and years of savings, there are some great hacks that you can use to travel without necessarily being filthy rich.

Read on to discover some of the best tricks to becoming a globe trotter inexpensively. Let’s get started.

1. Conduct Lots of Research on Your Desired Travel Destination to Know the Off-Peak Season When You Can Get the best Deals on Your Flights and Accommodation

Travelling is an activity affected by seasons. Certain times of the year are bound to be peak season. During those periods, prices will automatically hike.

You will realize that during peak season, you can pay several times the amount you would pay during off-peak.

If your aim is simply the thrill of adventure, then you should not mind travelling at whatever time.

To enjoy your trip at almost no cost, you want to schedule it when fewer people are heading to your desired destinations. This way you will pay less for transport, accommodation and even food since the demand is less.

Thankfully, getting to know the best time to schedule your trip is not rocket science. Thanks to the internet and useful websites, you can get information when a place is less likely to be flocked.

Go ahead and book your trips during this time. You will be amazed. You will even get better deals since you may be the only one in certain places needing some of the services.

2. Opt for Road Travel If Possible, Instead of Taking Flights

Whether you like it or not, flights will always be more expensive than road transport. Of course, you get to reach your destination quicker and with much less hassle. However,  if you aim to save money, this is not an option you want to take.

After all, your goal is to experience a different side of the world and create memories. You will be surprised at the tremendous great experiences you can have simply by travelling by bus through a foreign country.

During road trips, you get a chance to rub shoulders with the country people since you are at their normal life level. You will know more about their culture, see beautiful sights and landscapes through the vehicle window. To top it off, you will pick up on the local language and flaunt it to your friends later, since you will be forced to communicate with the locals in a way that is most understandable to them.

Road trips are definitely much more adventurous and cost-saving.

3. Enroll for A Work Exchange Programme

It is possible to offer your services in a foreign country as a worker and get free accommodation, food, and some stipend in exchange. It is one of the best options for someone that has no money to tour a new country.

I have seen Chinese citizens utilize this option to tour Africa. They travel as Chinese teachers and instructors; the locals are happy to mingle with them and show them the country over the weekends and national holidays when they are not working.

People from English-speaking countries would mostly be warmly welcomed in countries, especially Asian countries with few fluent English speakers. You can go there to teach them and enjoy touring their country at the same time.


4. Work online

It is now possible to be a full-time freelancer in the digital age and earn a living while being free enough to travel. The good thing with freelancing is that you can work anywhere.

 You can use your freelancing career to finance your lifestyle and tour the world without having to work an 8-5 job.


5. Travel in large groups


In the business world, there are what are known as economies of scale. That means that you will always get a better discount anytime you buy something in bulk than buying singly.

The same principle applies when you are considering travelling. You can talk to your friends and travel as a large group. You could share rooms and cars and, in the process, save a ton of money while still enjoying your adventure.


You don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy a travel lifestyle. You simply have to know hacks for saving money and you will enjoy great adventures all over the world. 

Go ahead and conquer the world. Happy Travelling!

Do you have more tips one can use to travel the world with little or no money? Feel free to share in the comments below.